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leaves_bg_squareI have grown up using computers, from playing games as a pre-school child on a Tandy XT 16Mhz computer to ‘programming’ them in early grade school using those q-basic books. I grew up with the internet and built my first website in grade 8, which was 1995. Straight out of high school I was employed as a web developer, then went to school for at the Centre for Arts and Design Okanagan ( CATO ), did more web development work and then taught for a while before finally transitioning into game development. Now I focus primarily on games, as they offer both a challenge and a personal enjoyment to create.

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I am a service provider for the games industry, specializing in 2-D and 2.5-D networked games on primarily Facebook, Android and iOS. I can develop all aspects of the product, from the website to the core game mechanics and production tools. The main technologies I use are Flash, Air, Flex ( all 3 use AS3 ), Unity 3D ( JS and C# ), HTML5 ( JS ), the LAMP ( Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP ) stack and open source projects like Joomla, WordPress, Magento Commerce and Anahita. I have also worked with many other areas, including JAVA, Ruby on Rails, Perl, XHTML, XML, JSON, WML, media queries, video production, basic sound editing, web/print design, technical game design and more.

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This website holds my personal portfolio, marketing material for potential clients and a technical blog written about unique perspectives that I consider worthy of writing about.
I am very open to offer help with anything related to my blog posts. Please feel free to comment and ask for help on any post.