Proof of work – porting Flash to HTML5

In this video, we look at the final result of porting Flash to HTML5, as discussed here:

Flash, the new kid on the block all over again




  1. hi

    Thank you very mush for this information !!!!
    i found you project very existing – and i am looking to something similar .
    i wonder what i do you think today on the tools that you used for this task ?
    and if you can Alembert on the processes from AS3 to jangaroo
    thank you

    1. Hello Ron,

      Today I would still use the same general approach, however I would not use Jangaroo or AS3.

      Instead I would re-write the entire application using Typescript or ES6 / ES7. This is still an ecma script, so porting from AS3 would still be fairly straight forward, but it is still a complete re-write of the code. The choice to use Jangaroo was to save on that re-write dev cost.

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