Flash Development

Would Flash benefit or hurt my website?


What kinds of projects could benefit from Flash?


Today there are many ways to produce flash media and many reasons behind it.


Flash player is the most common media player, above windows media player.


Flex 3 is a new XML based environment for application development with Actionscript 3.


Adobe has released Flash 9 with Actionscript 3, and now Flash 10 with native 3D support.


Flash Media Server 2 is available for free developer use (10 users per server), or use Red5 Media server which is open source.


AMFPHP which is PHP porting for Flash, and is quite fast. Use this to communicate with your database.


Wrapper class allows us to render html inside flash, allowing for SEO and embeded Fonts.


Papervision3d, Sandy3d and other software 3D engines allow for simple 3D game development and advances 3D user intercace designs.


WOW and Box2D are a couple examples of open source physics engines that could easily be applied to any game.


So those who still think that flash is for tweening a small ball across the screen and making internet cartoons, those days are behind us. I see the future moving towards flash more, and I feel excited to be a flash developer these days.