HTML5 / Node.JS

HTML5 is also a great option for multiple platform support, especially with Windows 8 devices. When using the CreateJS framework, we can re-use a lot of the same resources and processes that we would use from a Flash / Air project, including being able to efficiently use vector timeline animations made in Flash and easily port over most AS3 code.


I have worked on many HTML5 projects, which include:


* Flash to HTML5 ( using Create.js ) conversion of various slot machine games.

* Worked with the team at IndiLoop to create an extensive HTML5 with Node.js webapp for re-mixing music together.

* Various high end, and responsive, websites.

* Building hybrid apps using BackboneJS, ReactJS, Cordova, Crosswalk, Canvas, WebGL  and HTML5

* Using NodeJS and Grunt as a development environment to compile ReactJS’s JSX, SCSS / SASS via compass, and to install build and deploy  the mobile app using Cordova.