I am a service provider for the games industry, specializing in 2-D, 2.5-D, and smaller 3-D networked games on primarily Facebook, Android and iOS. I can develop all aspects of the product, from the website to the core game mechanics and production tools. The main technologies I use are Flash, Air, Flex ( all 3 use AS3 ), Unity 3D ( JS and C# ), HTML5 ( JS ), the LAMP ( Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP ) stack and open source projects like Joomla, WordPress, Magento Commerce and Anahita. I have also worked with many other areas, including JAVA, Ruby on Rails, Perl, XHTML, XML, JSON, WML, media queries, video production, basic sound editing, web/print design, technical game design and more.

Platform Support

This table shows, at a glance, which technologies work for which platforms.
Unity 3D ( C# & JS )XXXXX
Starling ( AS3 )XXXXX
Sparrow ( Obj C )X
CreateJS ( JS )XX

With the support of my sub-contractor network I am also able to provide additional professional artists, animators, sound engineers, game designers and developers for any project that would require them, subject to their availability.

The reason I work with Flash/Air and Unity so much is because these two solutions are both professional level development options that can deliver to multiple platforms from the exact same project and code base, which just makes sense in order to reduce project complexity and development time. If I were to make a game for iOS in Lua, and then wanted to release on Android I would need to then re-make the project with, hypothetically, JAVA.

HTML5 is the new big thing, and we are still able to use vector animations created from the Flash IDE right in our HTML5 canvas.

I use multiple frameworks for development ( ex: StarlingPureMVCCreateJSGantryJoomla and Anahita ), which are vital for robust game development for the following key reasons:

  • To maintain peak performance in terms of Frames per Second.
  • To retain industry standards for work processes and resource development.
  • Support for multiple resolutions, bitmap fonts and particle effects.
  • Complete localization solution
  • Fully customizable or skin-able content.
  • Integrate effectively with your community.


I don’t only work alone, for large projects I can use my business network to quickly build up a team of developers, artists, sound engineers, game designers and digital marketing persons. If the project is large enough, this could include a studio space to work from. In this scenario I am a manager, training and directing the sub contractors and managing the project while still developing core systems and maintaining client confidence.

I offer multiple services for a project, all which can be on-site anywhere in the greater Vancouver area, or remote for a client located anywhere in the world. I have broke them down into the following categories:

* NOTE: HTML5 will work with iOS, Android and Windows 8 devices and modern web browsers. Results may vary.


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* All parties must have signed NDA’s, signed work contracts and a deposit must be made before work will begin. Only upon final payment will the rights to the Intellectual Property be released to the client.