Website development is key to a successful game release. The game’s website is home to both the game itself and it’s community of fans, supporting the success of the release. I can take care of this website for you, high end development, rapid turnaround and on budget.

I have been making websites professionally since 2000, starting straight out of high school. Because of this, I have grown up with the web, which has left me very able to adapt and move with the industry. New language, framework and/or platform? No problem. I always enjoy learning something new!


Standard Website

I build my standard websites using well established open source technologies, usually this means either Joomla or WordPress.

  • Joomla is a content management framework for making functional website applications. If your website requires advanced functionality, Joomla will take care of it nicely. Because this is a framework, we are able to rapidly develop components and modules for it.
  • WordPress is a content management application, which allows for installation of plugins. To assist with development, I like to use the Gantry framework which extends the capabilities of wordpress and it’s layout rules.
  • By using either Joomla or WordPress, I am then able to start with a theme licensed from Rocket Theme, which are very high end themes that come exceptionally constructed with many useful components, and are built using Gantry. I will then modify these themes to fit the need of the client. Because I use the theme as a base I can cut development costs for the design because all the advanced features have already been made. Choosing a theme is always a fun step for the client.


Cost: ~ $1,250 – $3,000 initial development.


Micro Site

Micro sites are used to advertise a smaller aspect of a larger company. For example, a specific product sold by a manufacturer. These act a lot like an online version of a pamphlet, with one very clear call to action, usually having to do with a newsletter or a purchase, and almost always sales driven.

The design work for these sites are very important, secondly is device visibility; it needs to look great and work on all devices. For this reason the best technology would be HTML5 with media queries. There is a great new product for this from Adobe called Reflow, and this would be the perfect use for such a tool.

Cost: ~ $1,800 – $5,000 initial development with custom design.



What does your community mean to you? To your game? Does Facebook do it for you, or do you need something more than that? I have worked with a few solutions you may be interested in.

  • A standard message forum. This is the most traditional form of communication for a community and as such is well understood and accepted, but offers limited functionality. A great forum application I like to use is PHPBB, which is still supported today.
  • Joomla + Community Builder – I have been using this winning combination for years, and is really fun to develop and use. There are many great features here, along with a full community of developers and supporters.
  • Anahita – This is a local development project by a couple very professional friends of mine. It started as a Joomla component, however soon became it’s own framework dedicated to building social community networks. This is best used for the serious community website.


Cost: ~ $3,000 – $12,000 initial development. *Community sites require maintenance.


Online Store

E-commerce is huge! I have developed a large number of online stores, and can offer my support, and development, with the following:

  • OS CommerceZen-Cart – These were the first main stream, open source shopping carts to really take off with a large community. For a long time it was strongly suggested not to use these carts any more because they were too old to be secure, however I just took a quick look at their website and they seem to be on their second wind with a brand newe update project.
  • Magento Commerce – A really amazing piece of software, great for a very large store. This software excels at providing a single back end to multiple store fronts.
  • Joomla + VirtueMart – If you already run a Joomla site, then using VirtueMart for your e-commerce just makes sense. This component is very robust, with a full community for support.
  • Shopify – There really is something to be said for web services, when done well… and Shopify is done very well. This service will host your website, and comes with an add-on store full of plugins and services made by 3rd party. Want to integrate Etsy? No problem! Use Stitch Labs, a plugin to your Shopify store that centralizes your products between both stores. There are many examples of other great services available through Shopify.


Cost: too many variables to estimate.



Do none of the above options work for you? Maybe you already have a custom website built for you, or require one built? Not a problem, but it does take much more time to build something from scratch than it does to build off of something already built. Please talk to me about your project and I am sure I can help you with it.

Cost: too many variables to estimate.