Unity 3D

Unity is also a great platform for releasing across multiple platforms, even more so than Flash or Air because of the console support you get with Unity, along with Web and mobile deployment. Unity can use either JavaScript or C# using the MONO framework. I prefer C# for it’s execution speed, but JavaScript is useful in some situations. Unity is designed for 3D games development, however it also produces excellent results with 2D content.

Unity also comes with a very useful resource; the Asset Store. Through this store we can do much more with Unity, from finding art resources to extensive code libraries. There are two libraries that really stand out for me and my projects, used together they allow me to rapidly develop mobile games that support all resolution, and as a bonus, there is very little custom code. I’ll talk about these two below:


Play Maker

With Play Maker we can develop or game logic visually, without needing to jump into the code.

Play Maker is a Unity plugin that lets you develop most of the game logic visually using Finite State Machines. This is done right inside of Unity by designing your states, transitions, events, variables and actions using the tools provided. The actions are very extensive, yet if they are not quite enough it is simple to integrate with any other Unity component or script. This makes ~90% of the development have no code attached to it, opening the door to allowing more than coders assist with development.


2D Toolkit

With 2D Toolkit, we can support all the mobile resolutions and provide tablets with high quality art assets.

The 2D Toolkit has been around for some time, however it is still very active and continually being developed which is always great to see when looking at a code library. With this 2D Toolkit  we do not need to worry about providing our game manually created texture maps and atlas’, those are made right in Unity. Also, the camera that this uses allows us to define many scaling approaches and the ability to use multiple texture densities. What this means to you is that we can support all the various screen sizes that come with developing for iPhones, iPads, android phones and android tablets with just a little project set-up and some forethought.http://findmyphone-tracker.com/