The Team


I do not always work alone. I have a whole team of sub-contractors that I rely on when a job could use more than just myself working.


Steven Stark – The main work horse: ‘Jack of all trades’. Flash, Flex and OS CMS systems specialist. Steven just knows how things fit together, great at planning and problem solving.


Linh Nguyen – Secondary programmer / developer. Linh has an eye for detail, and is a reliable worker. You can count on her to track down that pesky bug and beautify your content.


Andy Shaules – Primary Red5 / Java programmer. Andy is a RTMP wizard, always up for a new networking challenge. As a hardcore gamer he especially enjoys the game development jobs we’ve been having lately.


Erik Puharich – Content entry, Joomla manager and Sales.


Annette Uchman – Content entry, Joomla manager and office assistant.


There is a long list of additional sub contractors that are hired during a large sprint. If you are interested in joining the team, please contact me.