Joomla – Users can Customize Profile’s CSS

Stiggi over at has developed a nice Community Builder plugin allowing users to have their own custom .css file loaded. This makes your user profiles custom for every user, like myspace. Unlike mySpace, however, is how simple the customizing process actually is for the user.

See this thread :

You can see that this plugin is still only in Beta testing, in version 0.3… so things are not quite complete. Mikko modified the plugin to link with the Template Switcher.

On my joomla install, Stiggi’s version was not saving the files, so I had to use the file found with Mikko’s modifications… however the color picker and the file uploading were still not functional.

The color picking was a quick fix for me, I just found a tested and reliable javascript color picker called ACP. The file uploading, however, had me stuck for quite some time… I had to write some functions to make sure that the file is an image, along with editing the comprofiler component to change the form to include enctype=”multipart/form-data”.

This brought up an interesting debate… editing core files. I personally do not have a problem with editing core files, however others do. If you do decide to edit core files, keep your own documentation on what you did for future reference so that when it comes time to update, you will be able to know how to keep your site working.

The file attached is not an install plugin file, but rather just a dump of my plugin directory. This means you have to install the plugin from Stiggi’s site first and then over-write the files with the ones from the attached file.

I have this plugin working on, you can see it live example here:

My live example above actually links to my user home pages, however I use this same plugin to edit that css as well.