Are you installing phpMyAdmin the hard way?

This morning I was asked to install phpMyAdmin, and got held up for a few minutes on the setup. This is where I thought to myself: “Self, there has to be an easier way!”. There in fact was a much easier way!

phpMyAdmin in Joomla and WordPressFrom my experience with Joomla I knew that there is a phpMyAdmin component available to download, however I was working with WordPress on this project. As with most any CMS, the most common o/s software is usually ported to that system. No, wordPress is not a full CMS, however it does have a plugin for phpMyAdmin, and it works great! Not only that, but you access it through the CMS’s admin area, so access is not an issue.

So, tip of the day: If you are installing common use software and are using a CMS anyhow, spend 5 min to search the CMS’s website and see if there is a ported or bridged version already made for you! Trust me, more common than not there is someone out there who already did the work for you.

Also, when finished development on your website ALWAYS remember to remove phpMyAdmin, as it is a large security risk. If someone gained access to your CMS’s admin area, they would then also have access to your entire database.