New into game development

I have always been interested in game development from when I was programming gw/q-basic in grade 3, making variations of ‘nibbles’ and this bannana throwing monkey tank type game. Now that ActionScript 3 has been released with a new Flash IDE, I have decided to start development on a new isometric MMO, and I will be posting about the progress from time to time.

Let me start by listing the Flash resources that I use:

— Game Based —

Let me discuss what I am doing in my game, the live WIP link is below however it will change as the game develops. I have an isometric map, loading all tiles and graphical elements from an external library. Characters each have their own flash file with an organized library with class identifiers for each direction of each action. Every externally loaded file enters a cache in my program and then is duplicated into the appropriate ‘node’. Every square in the game has a node for each type of element: tile, tree, enemy, npc, character, item. If something exists it takes place of the node, else the node is empty. When an element moves, it swaps with the node and also swaps with all indexing arrays. I then added some basic AI so that the skeletons can move around and do different actions.

WIP link

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