2012 – SlotSpot Facebook and mobile game

client_logo_slotspotSlotSpot is a very popular Facebook and mobile game developed by Blitzoo Games Inc.

I was lead developer from the beginning of this project, and supported it for well over a year and a half after release. During this time I lead a team of talented developers, and artists, in the creation of one of the top slots Facebook games around. We also included multi-player functionality using XMPP, blackjack and video poker elements.

Recently SlotSpot has expended into mobile, which introduced a need for a very light weight, skin-able client. To achieve this, we re-built the game client using the Starling framework to take advantage of performance, industry standards for asset creation and delivery of code-free assets to adhere to iOS standards. The new skin engine supports game skin packs that come in both SD and HD resolutions.

The same AS3 code is shared between iOS, Android and Facebook.