Linksys WRT54G upgrade to linux

Get rid of the old Linksys firmware and put on Linux! This process is quite simple, and it is said to turn a $60 router into a $600 value!

This router is one of the most popular in Canada right now, as everyone I have asked uses it!

You just have to go here and make sure you have all four pages of the tutorial opened, and you have downloaded all the required files. Just give it a shot and try it, you will not regret it!

Now your router has advanced everything from wireless access to proper application handling and rate control, and it is running on Linux which means you have a command prompt inside your router web administrator.

Note: Firefox does not properly save your settings, so access the web administrator through Internet Explorer.

you can go here to visit the homepage of DD-WRT.

Also you will see that on E-bay there is an individual reselling this router with DD-WRT installed along with a card reader installed into the side of the router, allowing your protable media to instantly be shared on the network. Great for a production studio.