What’s going on around here?

There have been a few changes in my life the past year. I have been doing contract work for myself for the most part of the year, and at first I thought I was going to register the business name ‘Vancouver Online Media’, however I was denied and had to think of a new business name… What I decided in the end is that I will just stick as a private contractor, and registered my own name only.

What does this mean to you? Well it means that I will be using this website a lot more! It means VancouverOnlineMedia.com is going to soon be turned into a community website for Online Media Developers, like myself.

What will be included here? This website will include:

  • This technical blog which will discuss the changes with mostly Flash Joomla and LAMP programming.
  • A Technical Forum to discuss anything that may come to mind.
  • All Services and related information.
  • This will act as a portal site to all my other project websites.
  • A small Photo Gallery. I love photos, I hope you do too!