Domain appraisal with – Fun Tool!

Well I was directed to when I asked for some information about selling a website. This is a fun tool that will take your domain name ONLY and run some checks on it with link popularity and the such to determine what your domain is worth, in dollars.

Most of my domain names came up with less than $100, except for this one! comes in at $5,000! I guess it is because this domain name has been around for many many years, at least 7! I was surprised by this, however I would never sell this domain name, it means too much to me!

I like using this tool to get a quick, generalized overview of your SEO efforts.

Try your domains, it’s fun!! Here, I will list some of the domains I own and have worked on for an example: – $300 – $19 – $46 – $21 – $65 – $51 – $4,941
——- – $41 – $9,504 – $9,815 – $132 – $8,208

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