The surge of Streaming tv / video websites

There are many websites with the same idea as YouTube, and they all have the same problem: users uploading copyright videos. This problem has increased, however, as there are many websites now listing links to these illegally uploaded videos. This will soon change how these sites are run.

These listing websites are simple to create and have instant high traffic, however hard to keep the links online and updated. Some sites have more than one link to videos to get around this.

These sites need to remember that they will not be able to keep this up for long. Technically they are legal because they are merely linking to content on another server, much like how .torrent files linking to illegal downloads are legal. What this will cause, however, is increased security on these video networks. I predict that the courts are going to enforce that the YouTube like websites monitor their content vigorously. YouTube is actually currently facing a lawsuit to this effect.

Here is a list of the tv, video, movie and anime videos that I know about:

  3. (anime only)

Here are the most common suppliers hosting illegal videos, searching their archives often works well.


If you know of any more websites, please link to them in the comments below.

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