Flash to HTML5 Games Framework v.2 – PixiJS

After already creating two production-ready Casino gaming frameworks, one for Flash and one for JavaScript, I was the perfect person to lead the exhaustive task of converting a comprehensive backlog of table and casino games from Flash to HTML5 for a well established casino software provider. This work needed to be delivered before the hard external deadline when Adobe would turn off Flash support across all browsers, which gave us just under a year and a half to complete. And complete, we did, but not without the help of many developers, a team of external subcontractors and a lot of long nights.

This framework is a robust solution, some highlights include:

  • Comprehensive Documentation
  • Cypress Automation Testing
  • Web and Mobile support
  • WebGL support on all devices
  • High Performance
  • High Fidelity
  • TypeScript using WebPack
  • PixiJS Rendering engine
  • No game server changes were required
  • Live Game Demos
  • Shared resource bundles between games
  • Dynamic size scaling and asset delivery