Word Press inside of Joomla!

Well I am a die hard Joomla Developer, however I was never satisfied with how their blogging components.

When I saw blog.JeffKee.com, I knew I needed something similar. Jeff told me he was running WordPress, so I did some searching and came up with this great Joomla based Word Press component, however it is no longer indexed on Joomla’s official Extension Website.

Installing was easy, and so was adding plugins… the challenge is with the template, because being inside joomla there is no need for WordPress to have its own template. This can make it a little more challenging, however that is a small price to pay for such increased functionality!

Great comments, and easy enough to add the ‘digg this’ button, I give the OpenWP Component 10 stars! Thanks everyone involved for your hard work.

Also keep in mind that the left module to display the wordpress information has to ONLY be visible on your Blog pages, or it will bug out.