Why Use UserPlane? It’s a ripp off!

I run a free dating website, smart-love.ca, and of course I want to use a video chat conference. I looked into using Userplane.com, however for 100 connections it costs $1,250 per month for a text and audio/video webchat!

This is far too expensive for me, and I am a Flash developer, so I knew I could come with something better.

I installed Flash Media Server on my home Linux machine running Ubuntu Linux from the article here. This gives me 10 free connections to play with because I am using the Developer edition, no license. The Flash Media Server 2 download comes with examples that can easily be modified to suit your purposes, and that is as far as I am right now.

The next step is to clean up the chat, add event notification and connect it to php with AMFphp flash services to setup online notification.

After that is all finished, I will have the same functionality as UserPlane, without the lengthly setup pain and expensive costs! Fees for hosting a Flash Media Server for 100 connections is only $99.95 a month, compared to the $1,250 that UserPlane charges just because you’re using their custom webchat, which usually annoys its users more than anything.

Contact me if anyone wants a custom webchat programmed!

for an example, visit smart-love.ca and on the left you will see ‘online users’, just click ‘chat with username’. – Displayed in Joomla, using a modified mod_cbe_showall module to also display this javascript dynamic chat link.

5 thoughts on “Why Use UserPlane? It’s a ripp off!

  1. Alex:

    Actually both systems are using flash media server 2, I am just disgusted at the markup UserPlane is charging!

  2. hello (sorry for my English but I use a translator)
    I will like to know if you can make a recorder of webcam usrplane kind or cuppo or as that of ray of boonex
    Which could be integrated like plugin cb builder
    thank you for your answer

    Bonjour (désolé pour mon anglais mais j’utilise un traducteur)
    J’aimerai savoir si vous pouvez faire un enregistreur de webcam genre usrplane ou cuppo ou comme celui de ray de boonex
    Qui pourrait s’intégrer comme plugin cb builder
    Merci pour votre réponse

  3. Daniel,

    Yes I could make a Webcam / Mic chat that would be a plugin for CB, however this would still require a FMS server. Those are pricey.

    If you wish to hire me, please have a good translator available and email me.

  4. UPDATE: This option is no longer on the site, as the site has been left in limbo for some time.

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